Everybody knows what a gel is. It´s a dense, slippery fluid. The most important ability of a gel regarding massage is friction reduction. That´s needed for the massage to be pleasant, without any rubbing.
An “ordinary” gels have the disadvantage that they dry up so fast. So you have to apply them again and again.
During our nuru massage there is used a special nuru gel, created from Japanese alga called “nori”. Such nuru gel has a specific ability. Namely it keeps wet and slippery for very long time. It means it doesn´t dry so fast.

Hereby we´re comming in on a nuru massage itself.

How does nuru massage proceed?

After meeting a masseuse you take a pleasant shower. Besides washing off a possible dirt, your skin will hydrate very well. Which will amplify an impact of using a nuru gel. It will be slippery much more.
After a shower, a masseuse will lie you down on the pad and she´ll start to apply enough amount of nuru gel on your body. Then she´ll spread the nuru gel all over your body.
As soon as she lubricate the whole you, then the right ride begins. If you lie down on your tummy, the nuru masseuse will lean on her legs and hands on the ground and she´ll start to massage you with circle moves done by her butt.
She´ll ride on your back, on your neck and down again. Then on your butt even on your hams.
Once a nuru masseuse will turn you (lying on your back now), she´ll begin to ride by her nice and stiff breast on your body. She´ll be sliding on your chest, via your tummy up to your crotch and lower.

After a furious ride of body to body massage, when your sexual appetite will be at the highest level possible, the nuru masseuse starts to fondle you nicely by her skilled hands.
She´ll go through the whole your body with them, from neck, via chest. A bit lower…once her slidy hands stays there where you desire it the most.

The nuru masseuse, who´s hands are nicely slippery thanks to nuru gel, will start to massage you your penis in an awsome way. Both her hands will be passing over your glans and over the whole length of your penis as long as you reach an orgasm.
After that flawlessly finished massage you take a pleasant shower again and you can start refilling new sexual energy for your next visit.