Erotic massage is very close to the classic one.

Ca you remember what feelings you had while being at massage of your back at your physiotherapist? Most likely you perceived it very pleasantly (of course you hadn´t have an injury before etc.). Perhaps the massage aroused you (naturally, regarding who was providing you the massage). If you were lucky enough for some nice masseuse, you don´t say you hadn´t imagined how would it feel if it hadn´t ended just by a back massage, but what if she had undressed your trousers and carried on at another areas of your body…

Exactly such imaginations you can fulfill in out massage salon.

Erotic massage
Erotic massage

Beginning of erotic massage Prague is very similar to visiting classic massage salon. But during erotic massage, at our place there will be gorgeous and young masseuse taking care of you, willing to enter your imaginations and realize your secret dreams.

Erotic massage can be started in position when you lie on your tummy. Our beautiful masseuse will fondle you on your neck. A while later, she´ll take a massage lotion which she´ll drip on your back and starts to spread it gently.

Later on, a masseuse will press your back a little bit more, so she can relax your back muscles. In that moment, you´ll start to perceive very pleasant feelings. The masseuse, who is naked by the way, will start to slide lower and lower with her fingers, untill she reaches your butt. This she´ll massage and will continue lower and lower – to your thighs.

Thighs erotic massage, though it doesn´t have to seem real without previous experience, is very pleasant and exciting.

At this time a masseuse can ask you to turn on your back. Again, she´ll focus her attention to upper part of your body and will begin to gently massage your chest. At that moment you have an awsome view to the naked masseuse. And to get even more aroused, you can start to fondle her gently. The masseuse will carry on lower and lower – she´ll skip your the most erogenous spot and she´ll be taking care of your frontal side of your thighs. Then, she´ll start to return upwards.

As soon as she finishes thighs massage, she´ll move to your groins. From this place, it´s just a tiny distance to the spot, at which massage you´ve been waiting impatiently. Gorgeous, naked masseuse will grip your penis and starts to massage it gently, but strongly as well – untill you clench all your musles and you experience an extraordinary powerful orgasm.

Nevertheless this doesn´t have to be the end of erotic massage. Since you can have as much orgasms as you can make.