erotická masáž pro ženyDear ladies, dear women, would you like to experience an erotic massage, but you can see everywhere just erotic massage for males? We have great news for you. We´ll be pleased to take care of You in our massage salon. In partnership, there is often said that erotic massage is the same like infidelity. Although we have another opinion, we can´t do anything with that.

Anyway, if you, ladies, want to visit an erotic massage, your partner probably won´t be jealous once he knows another woman – a masseuse – will be playing with you. In addition, a massage provided by a female´s hand will be after all more gently comparing erotic massage from a man.

Once you visit us, one of our nice and gentle masseuses will take care of you.
Our masseuses are very emphatic and they´ll recognize what you like.

Do you like neck fondling? Pleasant fondling of your back with gentle and heartfelt massage? Then you will come into your´s own. And if you don´t know the feeling when a beauty girl touching your intimate parts and nicely massaging you down there, you have no idea what you´re missing. Since who else can know better what women likes the most? A woman – of course! During female´s erotic massage the attention will be aimed to your breast even to a gentle massage of your nipples. The gorgeous part of the massage is then a massage of your intimate parts.

And if you want and it tempts you, you can fondle your pussies reciprocally by your hands.

After the massage, you can have a shower together with the masseuse.

Taste a forbidden fruits! Find out how does it feel to have girl´s touches at your own skin!

Erotic massage is the reward that every woman deserves

Erotic massage for women is gaining more and more popularity everyday, especially because it provides a less traditional way of relaxing.

It encourages women’s sexual energy and potency. This massage is appropriate for every woman regardless of her age or marital status.

Erotic massage will help the woman get rid off the tension and accumulated stress and bring a very pleasant feeling of relaxation. It has a beneficial effect influence not only on the body but also on the psychic.

For massage our salon use very special and quality fragrance oils. Masseuses massage the women more gently with professionally trained movements which will bring out the sexual energy inside of  you.

If you want to know and explore your limits of sexuality. Do not hesitate and come to our luxury massage salon to try the erotic massage for women.