masáž tenga eggYou say you haven´t heard a tenga egg before? So probably you haven´t had possibility to experience it. Which is a pitty.

On the other hand, nothing is lost. Come to our place and you´re going to experience a tenga egg massage with “all inclusive”. Besides that before tenga egg massage itself a nice, sexy masseuse will massage you, is matter of course. But not to talk about anything you probably don´t know, so – let´s have a look at it.

Tenga egg is…an egg. But unusual one. For the first view it may reminds you an Easter egg – thanks to a well designed plastic wrapping. After removing this wrapping – which the masseuse will remove while you can see that, so you can be sure noone had used it before – a white egg will show up – almost impossible to recognize from the real hen egg.

Still a masseuse will remove another layer – a plastic, two-part casing – and you get to the rubber egg, or else a penis sleeve, which is made of very pleasant, soft rubber. A tenga egg surface is very smooth. On the other hand, the inner side contains rubs of different shapes. Like dashed wavelet etc.

The masseuse will partly fill the tenga egg with lubricating gel so there is nothing to rub you and your penis can slide easily in it. After that, the naked masseuse will stretch the tenga egg over your hard penis and begins to tease you slowly.

Someone can even consider the tenga egg massage to be even more pleasant comparing intercourse. Tenga egg nicely embrace a penis and tease it with it´s ribs all over the penis length. In addition, when the massage is provided by a skilled, sexy masseuse, it is indescribable pleasure.

So if you´re thinking about whether to try the tenga egg massage or not – do not hesitate. It is definitely worthy. Moreover with assistation of pretty luxury, naked masseuse!